Evolution of the IP Market

iamlogoThe Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently completed a series of hearings that are discussed in my current article in IAM Magazine, entitled “Evolution of the IP Market.”  There were quite a few interesting statements from such people as:

  • Peter Detkin of Intellectual Ventures,
  • Paul Ryan of Acacia,
  • Ken Massaroni of Seagate,
  • Jim Malackowski of Ocean Tomo,
  • Professor Mark Lemley of Stanford.

For example, Paul Ryan stated that they have generated $75 Million for their inventor partners, and Peter Detkin commented, “innovation is what drives this economy” and “innovators deserve to be paid.”

However, Professor Mark Lemley noted that the current market for IP is “thin” because there is a lack of transactional transparency, difficulty in distinguishing good from lousy IP, and uncertainty throughout the entire range of the patent system.

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