Brave Anti-Anti-Patent Troll Forbes Article

A Danger Lurks In The Righteous War Against Patent Trolls Well said.

Evolution of the IP Market

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently completed a series of hearings that are discussed in my current article in IAM Magazine, entitled “Evolution of the IP Market.”  There were quite a few interesting statements from such people as: Peter Detkin of Intellectual Ventures, Paul Ryan of Acacia, Ken Massaroni of Seagate, Jim Malackowski of Ocean […]

Meeting Marshall Phelps, David Kline, and Review of Burning the Ships

Today, while attending the IP Business Congress in Chicago, I had the pleasure of meeting with Marshall Phelps and David Kline, authors of Burning the Ships. While I don’t read very many books, this one was strongly recommended to me. It is also only 186 pages long, so I figured I might be able to […]